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Some of the recent high profile fashion shows showcased an array of diverse trends. They displayed our cultural obsession with boho chic designs and ‘70s textiles that reignited our fascination with bell-bottoms and flared jeans, which have reminded us that there’s more to bottoms than the skintight variety that we’re simply tired of seeing. Thankfully, the fixation on skinny jeans is wearing off, as a Google Fashion Trends Report declared that the fatigued fad is on a seasonal decline, expected to decrease in demand year after year.

Not only have they begun to lose their popularity, but news even broke last summer that skinny jeans could be hazardous for your health. Even AOL reported on how a woman had to be hospitalized after squatting for long periods in her skinny jeans, telling us that there is such thing as jeans being “too tight.” If your legs go numb while wearing a pair of pants, it’s a sign that you need to make a few swaps in your wardrobe.

Although a dying trend, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they need to be retired altogether. After all, they still make us look good, the streamlined silhouette is something that we can still appreciate, but it’s worth exploring the variety of other pant styles on Lyst to see the other contemporary designs on offer that will still hug you in all the right places and do your figure justice while keeping you “in fashion” at least for the time being.

The Harem Trouser

In reality, not every trend will adjust to every body shape, yet for some reason, harem pants are an exception to this rule. The jogger like bottoms are more than just a comfy pair of pants you can slip into when going for a casual look, as they can easily be incorporated into you office capsule wardrobe, so long as you stick with a pair in a neutral tone and match it with a structured top.

Flared and Bell Bottoms

Celebrities left and right are switching their skinnies for flared jeans, but some of us regular folk still seem hesitant, “associating the style with campy ‘70s bell bottoms—or, worse yet, ‘90s boot cut jeans.” The beauty of the flares is its one-style-fits-all quality, as women from New York that come in all shapes and sizes trade their skinny jeans for flared ones, according to the NY Post.

Wide Leg Pants

 Seen on the streets of fashion capitals like Paris and Milan, the wide-legged silhouette is an absolute must in every woman’s wardrobe. Whether you go for classic black, a denim bottom, or a printed alternative, the outfit combinations are endless. Despite the billowing pant legs, this style actually has a slimming effect, elongating your legs and carving out your waist.